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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

How to prepare Nepal Trekking trips

  • Mentally Preparation 
It is the most Beginning things before planned Trekking in Nepal to be a prepare by Mental way  for trekking. It is possible to do trekking route successfully for this beautiful yet challenging trip. You should always remain in a positive state of mind, but not overly arrogant. Try to anticipate various different scenarios, which you may possibly encounter on the mountain and try to work out the most suitable course of action, mentally by yourself or even as a group.  
          Trekking in the mountains its not easy and you will not find the comfortable as you are getting in your home and major cities. Nowadays there are nicest hotels in Everest region , Annapurna and Langtang region trekking route  than before sometimes we can see bugs, dirts, and in some lodges smells even Toilets (bathrooms) are not good, small beds. Some hotels and tea houses has western style toilet but mostly there are not, there are options for showers in tea houses but most of trekker use wipes. Be sure that you are ready to explore the true mountain life and immerse yourself in the trekking culture

  • Physically Preparation 
For trekking in Nepal where we can find tea House  is not a technical climbing but remember you have to walk in high level. For Long trek at least 3 to 4 months before trek you have to train your body to complete the  trek. Cycling, running, and stair climbing about 1 hour a few times a week is the best way to train and prepare your legs for trek. Yoga is a great way to stretch and strengthen your muscles.

  • Pack the right gear
For Nepal trekking  this is most important things to what and which are the best gear to pack. There are several brands not matter which brand and cost but you have to carry a right gear. You can see the trekking gear list below. Visit this page to know about Packing List. 

  • Don't forget, you are on Holiday
You are coming to do trekking in Nepal,  make it memorable! This is the most important thing to keep in your mind that you are on vacation and another main thing to have an open mind. Being nervous and tense will not make your vacation memorable so chit chats with your guides, porters,  Be friendly with your guide and porters then they can share you and give you more information about the places, cultures, and people.

  • Drink plenty of water
your body will be dehydrate faster in high altitudes than at sea level so it is very important to drink water throughout the day. Water can be purified from mountain streams, boiled in tea houses, or our less favorite and not environmentally conscious way is to buy bottled water along the way.

  • Slowly but Surely Do not walk fast
Always maintain your walking pace during the Trekking. Don't run if the trail is flat and easy! Remember you are in marathon! The more you push yourself, the more difficult the days will be ahead, and the more difficult it will be to adjust to the altitude. Follow your guides instructions, they are the experts.

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