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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Honeymoon Tour in Nepal

~Create an unforgettable memory for your honeymoon in Nepal Himalaya~

Honeymoon tour / trip in Nepal 
Still searching a best honeymoon destination? Did you find that when people talking about their honeymoon, always  Paris, Venice, Maldives ,Greece......, why not give yourself and your lover a special gift different from other people? You deserve to own a unique and unmatched memory of honeymoon! Choose Nepal as your honeymoon destination, and then you can get a unique and wonderful experience. Nepal is a very beautiful land which is known for the mountains, snow peaks, lakes, rivers, wildlife, ancient temples, and colorful cultures. And it is also known as a shopping heaven! You can experience many different things during your honeymoon, Visit ancient temples and beautiful old building, enjoy the glorious sunrise and sunset with your lover in Himalaya, jungle safari in Chitwan. If you are a explorer, there are more interesting activities waiting for you, rafting, paragliding, or have a wonderful short trekking! Can you imagine you stand in the mountains, hold your lover's hand, far away from the busy life, all around you is fascinating scenery, the moment is one and only, and you can get the blessing from Mother Nature. What a wonderful memory of honeymoon! So don't hesitate, Nepal is the best honeymoon destination for you two .

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