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Friday, 26 August 2016

Trekking guide in Nepal

Ghorepani Poonhill trek with CHAD and ISAAC Copied from Tripadvisor

“I've traveled to 55 countries, and this was one of my favorite trips of all time!”

Reviewed April 27, 2016

I visited Nepal in April '16 and completed the 4-day Poonhill Trek. Probably one of my favorite vacations of all time! Rhododendrons in bloom with views of the Annapurnas... breathtaking.
Our Nepali guide, Bhakti, was one of the best in the business. His English is great, and we had very clear communication over email while making the trekking plans beforehand. Upon arrival in Pokhara, he took our group out for momos and tea and actually spent time getting to know us. He has been a guide for over 20 years and so has extensive knowledge of the area, and a great sense of humor. You can tell he loves his job and has a deep passion for his work, the Nepali people, and his homeland. During our trek, our comfort was his biggest concern, and he always made sure everything was to our liking. In the evenings, we'd spend some time chatting about Nepal, the culture, and he even taught us some Nepali card games.
After talking with other travellers, I believe our trekking rates were very competitive too.
I would highly recommend you check out his FB page: Bhakti Trekking Guide.
I had such a great time that I'm really hoping to visit Nepal again, but for a longer duration. One week was not enough!

Visited April 2016

Annapurna Base Camp - trip report (18 - 27 April 2015) Neil Hunter 
I thought I'd post a few thoughts on our recent ten day trek to ABC.
We took the traditional leisurely route - via Ghorepani and Poon Hill. Although the view from Poon Hill was, on our morning, fitful at best, the hikes from Ghorepani to Tadapani, and from Tadapani to Chhomrong, with terrific views and lovely terrain, were two of the best days of the ten. And all three villages were great places to stay (and wake up).
My partner, who had never hiked in the Himalaya before, or anywhere else, was rather nervous about the whole endeavour. For this reason, and because we can afford it, we hired a porter and guide, and never regretted it. It made for a richer experience, discovering how the local economy worked, quirks of local culture, details of flora and fauna. Pretty much any question I had, Bhakti had the answer, and we felt very looked after. We hired him before we arrived in Nepal, and it made everything very simple (he can be contacted at
We are both fifty, and only averagely fit, so it was a pleasant surprise that each day was so manageable (we did seven days up, three down). On the return, we were going to give the hot springs at Jhinudanda a miss (another 25 minutes down!) - but I'm very glad we didn't. They were a highlight.
ABC is very goal-oriented; but it's important to go for the daily pleasures of the trek, rather than the spectacle of ABC itself. Because it's very possible that when you get up for sunrise at ABC, as happened with us, you won't see further than your outstretched hand - however promising the weather on the way up.
Trekking guide in Nepal 
This picture was taken two years ago on the Everest Base Camp trek with our dear friend and trekking guide Bhakti Trekking Guide. I was 59, and my daughter was 19. Antonia (my daughter) had been with Bhakti Bhakti Trek when he took her school trip trekking in Nepal in Pokhara two years earlier. I would recommend Bhakti as the best trekking guide in the Himalayas, if not the entire world. He is honest, caring, sincere, knowledgeable and skillful. When my daughter suffered some altitude sickness, Bhakti responded quickly and without fuss, taking us to a lower altitude where she responded immediately. Bhakti is not only a wonderful, skilful and experienced trekking guide, but he is the most lovely, kind and beautiful human being you could hope to meet. Being with him on a trek is a rewarding experience you will never forget.

Ghorepani Poonhill trek with jennifer Erica , Stella and Barbara
 I went to Nepal with 3 girls in April this year.We spent 18 days there. We arrived in Kathmandu on 5th Apr and flied to Pokhara on 7th Apr. We started 5 days trekking to Poon Hill on 8th Apr with our experienced trekking guide, Bhakti and 2 porters, Chumbanath and Devilal Poudel (Mama). Bhakti was so nice who helped to arrange everything for us. Apart from the transport, hotel and meal, he also looked after us very well during our time in Nepal. I remember that one of my friends was sick during the trekking and Bhakti could show his special care to her. Besides, the porters, Chumba and Mama were also nice and they always had smile on their faces. Chumba also helped me to carry everything when I was not feeling well on the early morning we climbed up to the Poon Hill. We treated each other as friend and we shared a lot during the trip. One thing that I would like to highlight is Bhakti is a quite good photographer who helped us to take the team photos. I appreciated much on their working attitudes. I could say without them, I could not have such unforgettable trip in Nepal and we are the best team. I would surely go Nepal for trekking again and I highly recommend Bhakti, Chumba and Mama to you if you go someday.
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PictureGhorepani Poonhill trekking
Ghorepani poonhill trek with Adam, Heather and Ellen 
“Trekking with Bhakti Devkota”

Reviewed April 18, 2014

There are many companies that offer guides, porters and trekking excursions to Poon hill. We are so thankful that we chose to use Bhakti as our guide. He is extremely professional, organized and knowledgable. Our hotels were awesome, our restaurants were great and Bhakti took care of literally all aspects of the trip. We never felt a moment of stress. He was also amazing about helping us with details before and after our four day trek was over. He booked our flights from Pokhara to Kathmandu and accompanied us for dinner before and after the trip. Moreover, spending 4 days in a trip, it is critically important to find a guide who is kind, funny, honest and trustworthy. Bhakti is all of these things. We really enjoyed spending four days with him. When we come back to Nepal, we will definitely ask Bhakti to be our guide again. Cannot recommend him enough!

Visited April 2014

PictureGhorepani Poon hill trek
By Peter 
Visit once in your Life”
Reviewed 24 June 2014
Hi everyone
Namaste ( Hello in Nepali )
I visit poonhill and Ghorepani it is really nice places for trekking and make a picture.
We find a guide from internet (Bhakti Devkota) He is really Nice guide and he Take care us Very well so we finished our trekking very safely
If you like to visit Nepal and do some trekking 1st choose Poonhill trek and if you are looking for Guide choose Bhakti and enjoy your Nepal trip and share some picture and information many people are looking for that
Visited May 2014

Trekking in Everest Region Trekking in Everest Region
Peter Dunoon and her Daughter Everest Base Camp 
My daughter and I have just recently returned from Nepal where we did a trek to Everest Base Camp, guided by licensed trek guide, Bhakti Devkota.  Superb scenery and amazing experience, even though the cold high up was at times uncomfortable.  Bhakti has been a trekking guide in Nepal since 1997 and has led two school trips to Nepal, one of which my daughter went on, two years ago.  I am 58 and my daughter is 18, so I had a few concerns about our level of fitness [especially mine]!  I am a fairly fit 58, and was able to do the trek without any problems, as was my daughter.  What we did find was that over 4,500 metres we started to feel the effects of altitude, and the day that we reached the Base Camp, my daughter became quite suddenly unwell with altitude sickness.  Quick decision making by Bhakti meant that we were able to reach a lower altitude safely, thanks to Bhakti carrying our gear, and Bhakti's porter, Mr uttar  who carried Antonia for about two hours during our descent.

Everest Region Trekking We were grateful to Bhakti who was so caring and considerate of all our needs.  Bhakti is quite unique as he is scrupulously honest and upfront.  The day that we had to come down quickly, Bhakti was approached by several agents who tried to convince him to have a helicopter airlift Antonia.  This may have cost us up to $7000 and given Bhakti a hefty commission, but he refused, saying that it was quite safe for Antonia to be carried to a lower level.  Sad but true, this honesty is not always easy to find in Nepal trekking guides, however I can recommend Bhakti without reservation.  Bhakti is based in Pokhara but is experienced in treks all over Nepal.  Please visit Bhakti's blog site for further information.  Whether it's Everest Base Camp or any other trek or excursion in Nepal, I could not recommend Bhakti more highly ... he is the number one guide for all your Nepal outdoor needs. Bhakti's blog site:  Peter D

Recommendation for Nepal Mountain Guide By Mr pang and Miss Pang
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Trekking in Annapurna Base Camp
For More about My NEPAL's story, please click this LINK.

If you would like to have a trekking holiday in Nepal, a mountain guide is a better choice to company you to complete the trek.
I did quite a number of researches to search for a mountain guide before I decided to go Nepal.   After a period of searching Guide through internet, end up I had recognized a Nepal local Guide through a forum where some of them recommended a good Guide who provides good service and speak good English as well.
So, I would like to recommend him to you aslo if you would like to travel to Nepal. Bhakti is the one who accompanied me during my 16 days trekking trip in Nepal. He has been trekking since 1997.
He has a blog where introducing the trekking information to his readers. I got the itinerary from his blog and asked for the price. He had given me a very reasonable package price.
He knows a lot, is a very experience mountain Guide, especially the mountain knowledge. You can ask him whatever you like regarding the mountain, and he is very willing to answer your questions. He is a very friendly person, easy come easy go, like to talk and joke. You will not get bored with him during the trek.
The most important thing of this recommendation is, he is a very responsible guy. He provides a good service, take good care of your staying condition and also your safety during the trek. To me, safety is the most important and he did a good job during the trip. In addition, I found a forum sharing that he actually saved a girl's life (his customer) during the trek, this was the main reason why I chose Bhakti as my personal mountain Guide.
Of course, he prepared everything before we arrived Nepal. We had a very good trek with him and we will definitely find him again as our Guide if we go Nepal for trekking in the future.
Here is his information:

Famous trekking Guide in NepalName: BHAKTI DEVKOTA
Tel: 00977-9846139572


Trekking in Nepal
Annapurna Base camp trekking
Trekking Guide in Nepal Trekking in panchase region
Clement recommendation for Bhakti

My girlfriend and I ( ) traveled to Pokhara for 5 days in March, 2012. We had e-mailed Bhakti a month prior and got a quick confirmation. I basically gave him our available dates and he put together an itinerary for us. It was easy to communicate with him via email, even while he was on the mountains at times.
Bhakti picked us up at the airport when we flew in from Kathmandu. He had arranged for everything from transportation to food to lodging, so that we could begin right away with the hike under our tight schedule (a 4-day tour in the Panchase trail). He and Mr. Annanda (his name literally means "Mr. Relax"!), our courier, always wore a smile on their faces, which made our trip all the more fun and relaxing!
During our three days up on the hills, Bhakti and Mr. Annanda were a joy to be around. We are not frequent hikers, but Bhakti managed our hikes adeptly so that we pushed ourselves but were never too tired. We started around 8am every day and reach our destination around 4-5pm. Dinners and nights were early so that we had enough rest. You'll find the days relatively short because of the breathtaking scenery and enjoyable companionship.
Of course, the highlight of the tour were the views of the mountains. My favorite was the sunrise view of the "Fish Tail" at the Australian Camp. One thing to mention, our daily meal, the "Dal Bhat", which is rice & curry & beans/vegetables, is delicious and provides tones of energy. It was certainly a surprising highlight of the tour! Time flew by...and how we're missing the brisk air and endless vistas in the Himalayan trails....
By the way, his contact detail is

Trek and tour operator all over Nepal (since 1997)
Tel: 00977-9846139572

Trekking in Nepal Trekking Guide in Nepal :)
Freelance Trekking guide recommendation by Ling
(lailing yeong E-mail-

14•11•11 - 30•11•11 - Annarpurna circuit trek

You like a star in the dark sky. Showing people direction, guidance people to their destination. Bringing people to see the beauty side of Nepal. You doing a great job for you country! keep it up black tea!!
I always feel your job is interesting. really! You can meet with different people from all around the world, that's why you can speak english fluently. You're brave to fight with unpredictable weather which is out of your control to make sure your guest is safe. I still remember when the time me and my sister struggling to cross over the thorung la pass, the altitude and frozen cool weather really killing our spirit, while you're supportive. I see the strength and determination from your eyes which is helping us to cross over it. :) You're so close with the mother nature and the famous and highest mountain in the world. We all stay in the city too long, whatever we see and touch it just all the building, office or shopping mall. At Nepal i only know how blue is the blue sky, how starry is the starry night, how green is the green grass, how high is the mountain, Gangapurna glacier, Dhaulagiri Icefall and the amazing water fall. It's just took my breath away.
17 days 16 nights... We're glad that under your leading to complete this long journey. Thanks to our two porter Vyanu and Yubraj. They are just sincere and helpful. If portering were on Olympic endurance weight lifting event, the Nepali porter would win all the medals!!! You do take care of the porter a lot too. You not just act as a guide, we mix well and have fun during the whole trek. Threw ice to each other crazily after cross the pass. Chasing the baby goat at Dhumba lake for us to shot photo madly. We teach you playing Jenga(wood block game) at Marpha. Fighting with the strong winds on the way to Tukuche and playing UNO game laughing non-stop at night. You learn the game very fast too :) You're knowledgeable about plants and bird life. Now we know how was the seabuck thorn fruit looks like. :) And you saved my life in Muktinath. Thanks black tea! :)
Thank you your caring and guidance all the way. We really appreciate it. And the sweetest smiling from Nepali people. It's just a memorable journey for us. We miss you. I would like to recommend Bhakti Ram Devkota to who ever plan a trip to Nepal. Let this mountain boy use his way to bring you see the world. :)

His contact address

Trek and tour operator all over Nepal

Annapurna base camp trek trekking Guide in Nepal
Martin Naylor from UK wrote in 2010:
My name is Martin Naylor and I am from England. My e mail is I have trekked 11 times in Nepal since 2001 and on 9 of my trips I have trekked with Bhakti Devkota. He is without doubt the best guide I have ever met in Nepal. He is honest, hardworking and professional with a happy personality. We have trekked together to ABC, Annapurna Circuit, Jomosom trek, Everest area etc.I can honestly say that I cannot imagine ever coming to Nepal and not trekking with Bhakti. He is essential to all my trips. My most recent trip with Bhakti was to Kala Pattar in the Everest region in November/December 2009. Bhakti arranged all the transport including flights from Lukla, Trekking permits and TIMS Card, hotel bookings in Kathmandu etc. As ususal everything went well and we all had a great time.It is so good to be able to rely on someone like Bhakti to manage all the arrangements and know that everything will be done properly.

I am a bird watcher and Bhakti's knowledge of the animals and birds of Nepal is excellent. He can point out so many interesting things on the trek and this makes it all the more rewarding.
Martin J Naylor

Trekking in Anapurna region Trekking Guide in Nepal
Recommendation by Sharon law 

hi Our trekking team (The Guide- Mr. BHAKTI DEVKOTA, The porter, Mr. Hom & Mr. Mama, 4 people of us from HK)
I found Mr. Bhakti's contact from this forum and contacted him for discussion of our plan through the long long emails. I've also contacted several other guides but finally i chose him. I think his cost is reasonable and his plan and offer are very clear and suitable for us.
Since our flight was delayed for 4 hrs, we arrived at the airport at Kathmandu at midnight. However, the first guy we met after going out from the airport was Mr. Bahkti. He should wait for us for a long time at the airport.
During the trekking days, he and his team were professional and could take care of everyone of us. He could explain the route and plan to us in details everyday. If we got anything to ask about Nepal's culture, food, sightseeing etc. he could reply sincerely. He like to play with us but not just act as a guide, he palyed Nepalese music to us and dance with us when having dinner. It was really a memorable time during our trip.
After the trekking trip, we stayed in Pokhara, we just like frineds chatting and we visited his home. On the day we left, he and his son arrange the transport and come to the hotel to say "goodbye" to us. We really miss him and his team after the trip.

See more discuss..................... 

Koen Dongelmans recommendation for Bhakti Devkota

Recommendation for BHAKTI RAM DEVKOTA ( easy to remember you can tell "BLACK TEA") In January 2011 I met mister BHAKTI in the trekking office in Pokhara the
evening before we were supposed to leave for a hike to Annapurna Base camp. Mainly for the reason that i’d be walking for ten days with someone i didn't know, I wanted to meet my guide in advance. Mr BHAKTI showed up right on time, and from the moment I saw him, I knew we’d be all right! I met some other ‘guides’, but none of them gave me a comfortable feeling. BHAKTI did immediately. BHAKTI turned out to be a great choice. He is a very warm, respectful but at the same time respectable man, with a lot of knowledge of the environment and the especially the bird life, which is great for a ‘free bird’ like me ;) I especially liked the fact that everything was discussable, like the fact that I really wanted to carry my own bags, even though he was more than willing to take that load of my shoulders. Same for the places we stayed, or the ammount of hours we walked. He’d give advice on the conditions of the ongoing track and if it was reasonable or safe to continue walking. Still though, most of all, BHAKTI turned out to be a good friend, when we returned in Pokhara. We had some great nights out, he made dinner (Dal Bath of course J) for me with his friends and ‘baba’. When I rented a motorcycle a couple of days later, i drove into BHAKTI DAI, and he even volunteerd to show me the way around Pokhara and up to Sarangkot. I would have never found it on my own!! For my great time in Pokhara and to ABC I owe BHAKTI big time, and I would like to thank him for his kindness, respect, hard work, but most of all, his friendship! I would seriously like to recommend BHAKTI RAM DEVKOTA to everyone who is planning a trek in Nepal. You can contact him by
telephone --------009779846139572 or
email -------------
Make sure to check out his Nepali website (in English of course :D)

Koen Dongelmans, from Rotterdam, Holland

Recommendation by Chih-Yang Li,
Trekking around Annapurna - Into the Himalaya................On Nov 2010, we completed a 200+ km, 16 day trekking around Annapurna circuit in Nepal Himalaya, with elevation change from 800m low land villages to the 5416m Thorung La pass.
Nepali Folk Songs along Annapurna Circuit Trek 2010.....................These live performances were recorded at our Annapurna Circuit trek at Nov. 2010. A great experience to witness the extremely majestic Nepal landscape, to encounter the friendly local villagers, and to trek over the 5416M Thorong La pass in the good companion of our guide and porters - Bhakti, Hom and Bishinu. You guys are the best singer/dancers that a Nepali trekking service can offer !
Hi, hiker/trekker,

I just completed Annapurna circuit trek with 11 trekking days (original plan was to fly out from Jomsom). This trek certainly deserves ones attention as one of the classic treks in Nepal.

The trek starts from low land valleys, this part of trekking mainly follows the Marsyangdi river on either side. The elevation gain is not a whole lot, but the terrain is very rocky by usual standard. Every Time when switching the river bank from one side to the other, one needs to walk over a suspended bridge, 22 of them to be exact when completing the trek. And when the river crossing happens, there is always quite an up-and-down associated with it, as the bridge base is not always an easy access.

At the 4th day, reaching Charme, the elevation starts to rise and the weather becomes more comfortable. In the next 2 days to Manang, most people will begin to feel the effect of altitude. Especially if one takes high route to Manang, it is more than likely to show some physical laboring in climbing section. But this will serve a good acclimatization climb and the landscape is 10 times better than the low route to Manang. At this point, 8000M Manaslu range, and 7000M Annapurna II can be clearly seen if weather permitting.

Typically, there is a acclimatization day at Manang to adjust the higher altitude. As it would be followed by 3 crucial trek day to continuously into the higher mountain terrain and to trek cross the Thorong La pass at 5416M mark, easily the highest point for many trekkers. A good rest and a good acclimatization climb in Manang are both important.

After Manang, the landscape changes again, into the Tibetian bare land, the

vegetation gradually disappears and the bitter coldness sweeps in. The 3 days at high altitudes - Yak Kharka 4020M, Thorong Phedi 4540M and Thorong La Pass 5416M - are laying considerable force to many trekkers, headache, dizziness, vision blur - all are common symptons.

Certainly the big day is to cross the Thorong La pass, which depending on the weather condition can last from 9hrs to 12hrs. Not only one has to climb up 900M to reach the pass, one also has to down climb in a very steep terrain for 1600M

to reach Muktinath. Once over the pass, the mountain seems to be even barer. That is because the himalaya range blocks all the moisture from the south side. The bare land belongs to the Mustang region, sandwiched between Annapurna range and Tibet plateau.

A couple of friends and I chose to end the trek at Jomsom, while the other friend decided to trek to Poon Hill to complete the whole trek. If you have only 2 weeks like me, fly out at Jomsom is not a bad option at all, as the route will see most of the landscape and also enable you to cross over a very high pass. But do keep in mind that fly out from Jomsom is not always guaranteed. Read the below paragraphs.

We worked with a guide and 2 porters for our 4 person group. Here, I like to highly recommend our guide Bhakti Devkota. I found this excellent guide from a detailed information search, and he did a great job in coordination, acclimatization and some cruical decisions in the trek routes. Bhakti's english is more than adequate and his more than capable in communicating and understanding your needs. His style is to pay detailed attentions from the beginning to the end, from welcoming you at the airport exit to secure all the lodges and food for you on the road. Please understand, this is no small task in Nepal, both complicated city streets and remote mountain treks alike.

And though Bhakti is mostly quite layback, he began to really urge us for proper acclimatization climbs as we reached Manang. So, unlike many other trekking groups, we did acclimatization climbs almost every day since Manang. Always climb higher than the locations that we will spend the night. Not all the guides have proper knowledge for the risk of high alititude. I was really impressed with Bhakti's insisting of "climb high, sleep low" principle, as I've done some mountain climbings myself back at California.

Last but not least, as we finally cross over Thorong La pass and would've plan to have a celebration at Jomsom, the weather turned cloudy and foggy, Bhakti made an immediate decision to urge us hop on the bus due to all cancellation of flights. By doing so, we had more than 10hrs of extremely crowdy, very uncomfortable bus rides to reach Pokhara. But that's the only way that we evenutally caught up with our original schedule and did not miss the international flight back. What a trip !

Anyway, good luck to anyone who is willing to explore the classic Annapurna circuit trek in the future. You can contact Bhakti Devkota easily through his email and website. Do keep it in mind though that this trek is not for the lazy couch potato, a good physical condition is more than necessary. Also, 5416M is not a trivial elevation, especially if the you can only make Jade mountain as the highest experience. Certainly, you can do it, but do it with all the proper preparation and respect towards the mountains.
Chih-Yang Li,
back at California, USA
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trekking in annapurna region Trekking guide in Nepal


My wife and I would like to recommend Bhakti Devkota for any trekking plans you may have in Nepal. We arrived from the UK and took advantage of his services during two weeks in September and October 2010 to organise a trek to the Annapurna Base Camp starting from Pokhara.

His English is excellent and conversation interesting – makes those long mountain climbs a bit shorter! He also has particular knowledge of local birds (feathered kind!) which may interest some people.

Although he markets himself as a trek guide this is really only a part of what he can do for you. He organises your whole trip … if you wish he can:

  • Meet you on arrival at the airport (he met us in Kathmandu).
  • Make the reservations in advance at the hotels on your itinerary.
  • Organise rafting, paragliding if you want to try it.
  • Organise your transport.
  • Helps you with shopping for trek gear or any other requirement.
His prices are very reasonable compared to any trekking company, even if Nepal based. Importantly he is trustworthy – essential because you may need to send some funds in advance to pre-book hotels, activities or obtain permits.
He was very attentive to our pace of walking (i.e. staggering along) by slowing down and allowing rest stops. We always found that he made sure we were nicely settled at the end of the day before he and the porter (his brother) relaxed themselves. We found his experience of the trek route, knowledge of the tea houses and

relationships with their owners very useful in booking good rooms (and also booking ahead).
If you are thinking about going trekking on your own I would caution you to think it through – it may be fine while everything is normal – but you may find yourself in a rainstorm and unable to get to your next destination (or the rooms might be full when you get there because everyone ahead of you stopped there in the bad weather). A guide can then be essential – as we saw on our trip.
We, as fortunate people able to undertake these wonderful trips, should encourage good, honest local trek guides – I hope you will.
Here is a picture towards the end of our trek – Bhakti at the hot springs at Jhinu Dhanda – as you have never seen him before!
Cheers – Santokh

Sam Stearman recommends Bhakti Devkota 
If you are fortunate enough to travel to Nepal for a month or more - spend as much as possible here. A 10 day trek will take you to the Anapurna Base Camp; a 30 day trek totally around the entire Anapurna Circuit. If you only have a few days, you can get a good flavor of the Anapurnas with as little as a 2 – 3 day tour.

If you choose to come on your own, I would strongly recommend getting a guide, and if you do, I warmly recommend my guide and personal friend: Bhakti Devkota. He knows these mountains like the back of his hand as he still lives there today with his wife and young son, his English is excellent and he is knowledgeable, courteous, helpful, and reasonable. If you are interested, you can reach him by phone at 98 46139572 or email him at . Tell him Sam said Namaste (Nepalese for hello) You can find additional information about Bhakti from the following websites:
See more discuss....................

Further recommendation by Dave Allan: 
I trecked to Annapurna Base Camp with Bhakti in February 2009. He's a fantastic guide and a fantastic person. He is an absolute natural as a tour guide. He knows all of the routes, he is great with people, he likes to laugh, and he just makes everything very easy. He is very popular at all the lodges and he will arrange everything that you might want, from boot
repairs to special meals. He also knows many of the best sites for rare birds and he has incredible eyesight. I trekked with two English friends, and we used Bhakti, his brother, and a friend of Bhakti as guides/porters. Soon we were 6 good friends, and I had great times learning the Nepali language and learning about Nepal. When I visit Nepal again I'll be delighted to meet up with Bhakti again and spend more time with him in the hills and mountains.
I have no hesitation in recommending Bhakti as your guide
Dave Allan Lancashire, England,  

PictureTrekking Guide in Upper Mustang
Guide Bhakti Ram Devkota is also recommended by Charlie Stainforth

Brilliant Trekking Guide NEPAL
I spent 14 days with Bhakti trekking through the remote and magical Kingdom of Mustang and I can honestly say that he was the best guide I could have possibly had.
Not only did he guide me through the terrain with the ease and ability of a professional, he lead me through the culture, customs and history of an incredible land that can only be reached by foot or horseback.Bhakti speaks perfect English, and even over days of walking we never ran out of anything to talk about especially my specific interest in the area, he interpreted for me perfectly and had some interesting questions for the locals, which I still think about.On the way to the trek my bag fell off the top of the jeep because I forgot to tie it down. Bhakti not only noticed and stopped the jeep; he jumped out and ran back along the dirt track to find it, not knowing if it had fallen minutes or hours ago! Legend! After that I knew I could trust him to look after me over the coming days.

If you are planning any trip to Nepal even without trekking intentions Bhakti knows everything and can give the best advice from a truly good guy, who will do everything he can to make your experience in Nepal the best it can be.
I spent a long time in Nepal and BHAKTI WAS BY FAR THE BEST GUIDE I HAD AND THE MOST EXPERIENCED and if you are planning to go to Mustang or anywhere with him you will have an incredible time and tell him Charlie says hi. I will be going back soon anyway! If you need anymore info contact me at
see also his Worddocument with pictures  

PictureTrekking in Everest Region
Recommend by Richard.Thewlis as a trekking guide in a Everest region 

"I can thoroughly recommend Bhakti Devkota as a first rate trekking guide. He was the main guide who also helped in the planning of a trip I did to the Everest region with Martin Naylor (above), and Geoff Turner in Nov-Dec 2009. We also employed his friend Bhuban KC and his brother Bishnu, so that we had a guide each - they were both excellent too. Bhakti arranged our trekking permits and flights back from Lukla whilst we were in the UK, and also arranged a 4WD vehicle to get us to Jiri at start of the trek. These things saved us precious time which can so easily be wasted, and helped us to do what we went there for - to look for, and watch birds. This was my second trip to Nepal: last time I walked the Annapurna Circuit looking for birds, alone, with no guide. It was certainly good this time to have someone to help to carry my gear, as well as provide an income for local people who would not receive this otherwise. Not only this, it is safer to travel with others, so that should anything go wrong there will be help at hand.

Bhakti’s cheerful nature and good sense of humour will guarantee any trip with him will be fun too. If you are looking for wildlife then Bhakti’s sharp eyes are an extra asset to help you see more - there were many occasions when he spotted something exciting that we hadn’t noticed. Bhakti is a star, so make sure you book Bhakti for your trip to Nepal

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Tiiu recommendation for bhakti as a group guide 
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I can definitely recommend Bhakti as a wonderful trekking guide. I have trekked with him twice - once on a personal trip with my boyfriend, and the other time as a teacher with a group of international school students from India and all over the world. On both occasions during the Poon Hill trek, Bhakti proved himself a thorough, reliable, enthusiastic, well-prepared and amazing guide. Thank you, Bhakti and all the very best. See you in Nepal in February 2011! 

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Anna and Tom Redlinger on the way to Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) treks

We spent 10 glorious days in mid March 2010, trekking with Bhakti on the Annapurna Sanctuary trail and had a very memorable experience. Bhakti, having been born and raised in the Pokhara area, has an in-depth knowledge of the mountains, and being a very sociable and likable person, he is well known and admired in many of the villages on the trail. Every day he was most attentive to our needs and tried to provide us with the utmost in comfort possible in these remote areas. He is quite knowledgeable in many areas and we enjoyed talking with himabout many different subjects. His specialty is birds and bird spotting, but he also has a good knowledge of the regional flora, local culture, customs andfarming. His English is absolutely excellent and he also has a great sense of humour!

Bhakti is warm-hearted, completely genuine, and great fun to be with. We can heartily recommend him as a guide who will make your trek an experience of a life-time.

Anna and Tom Redlinger

Conway MA 01341 USA

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