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Monday, 11 July 2016

How to make safety trek in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal 
  • During the Trekking always walk on the Corner  side of the trail. We can with encounter caravans of pack animals or porters carrying wide loads. You wouldn’t want to be pushed off accidentally.
  • When you come across wet stones or rocks with algae on wet trail, assume it is slippery and dangerous.
  • You will come across fascinating sceneries, villages, people or wildlife. Stop to admire, observe or photograph them. There are plenty of stones and rocks on the path, you don’t want to trip on it and injure yourself.
  • Use Sunblock of factor . Have a sun hat, warm hat, waterproof and 2 liters or more water to drink. 
  • Walk at your own pace. Listen to your breathing. If you are huffing and puffing while trekking, you are going too fast for your lungs. In altitude, you are seriously advised to take it slow and steady. If it is possible don't ascent more than 300 meters in a day. Have an acclimatization day every 1000 meters. Ascending too fast can lead to Acute Mountain Sickness. Sudden movements can cause you to be breathless or dizzy. Drink plenty fluids such as water, juice, hot chocolate, soup etc. Try to minimize intake of coffee and tea as both are diuretic which causes you to pee more.
  • Every now and again trekkers go missing in the mountains. You would not want to be another statistics, would you?  DO NOT travel solo in the wilderness. Always inform your embassy or family and friends when you need to travel alone and give them your travel route. Inform them of your whereabouts via phone, text or email messages whenever you can.

Trekking In Nepal Himalayas

Porter in Nepal 

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